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Hey, friends! I’m Katie. Welcome to The Graceful Athlete. My goal is to help elevate your health and fitness lifestyle. I offer one-on-one Personal Training and Lifestyle coaching sessions that will meet your body’s needs, goals, and interests, and set you on the path for continued success for years to come!


Looking for a tailored dance fitness program and not just another “cookie cutter” exercise routine?

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Coaching with Katie

Welcome to ‘Training With A Twist’!

I am a fitness trainer with an expertise of perfectly blending the two worlds of dance and fitness.  Using my unique background I work hard to make your program fun and and customizable. I help people who want to improve muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, positive mindset, healthy lifestyle, and best recovery practices. I have a passion for helping others reach their goals through personal training, lifestyle coaching, and assisted stretching. Oh, and I always bring the energy! 

– Katie Arostegui

The mission

It starts with a passion to uncover or rediscover a strong sense of self (autonomy) and lead a more fulfilling lifestyle, mentally, physically, and emotionally. I do this by meeting you where you’re at now and provide the right tools, support, scientifically proven methods and FUN! The Graceful Athlete core principle is that the client is the expert in them and working out shouldn’t feel like work if it is designed for you to succeed. 

The Approach

I focus on what I know best and have fun! I have mastered the art combining the best lessons I learned as a trained dancer, professional instructor and fitness trainer so you never get bored and stick to your goals. Designed to help all levels of fitness through various phases in the fitness journey via one-on-one personal training, lifestyle coaching, and assisted stretching. 

real talk

All coaching (this includes personal training) should always relate back to your specific goal in mind. This doesn’t mean I can’t help you if you don’t have one, but 1:1 coaching is a long term solution to a specific problem. My job is to make everything we do relate back to your specific fitness goals at this time in your life. At times you will experience bumps, relapses, and obstacles that will require a higher level of involvement on your part. As a professional fitness coach I know the right tools, resources, and possess ‘how to’ experience to support lasting change. I take pride in the energy and strong work ethic to build a positive experience and personalized connection with every person or project, big or small. 

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