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Katie is an ACE certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach with a dance specialization. Originally from the California Central Coast, she earned a B.A. in Musical Theater and a B.A. Childhood Education from California State University, Chico. Katie has over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry and has worked in several studios on the East and West Coasts, as well as Europe. A former cheerleader for two NFL teams, Katie discovered her love for fitness while training for a cheer audition. Her love of coaching started while working as a LaBlast master trainer for three years where she mentored others learning to become dance fitness instructors. She strives to help even more people by steadily growing her fitness coaching and online barre/dance classes with The Graceful Athlete.

My Story: Fitness Coach, Fitness Instructor, Mom, and Your Personal Cheerleader!

Athletics, music, and, most importantly, dance, have always played a large role in my life. I created The Graceful Athlete because I believe that real joy and self-love can be found through a combination of dance and fitness.

While training to once again become an NFL cheerleader after having two kids, I learned four critical life lessons that would later evolve into the backbone of the Coaching with Katie program: food is fuel and not the enemy, success is a mindset, use-your-resources, and exercise should be fun! Adhering to these lessons, I felt amazing in both body and mind. Not only did I make the cheer team, but I also discovered a strength within myself I didn’t know was there.

I strive to apply my knowledge and life experiences as a Graceful Athlete into everything I do. I help others achieve their goals with my own two passions: teaching and performing. I love coming up with fun exercise programs that help people enjoy their workouts!

Apart from being The Graceful Athlete, I am a wife of a U.S. Navy officer, a mother to two young boys, and a dog mom. I have learned a thing or two about work-life balance and how to “lean in” when life throws you curve balls – like surviving a pandemic through a deployment. However, I know that with the right tools and support, like the ones I have created here, just about all lifestyle related problems are fixable with the right mindset.

Welcome to the squad. I’m happy you’re here!

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