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Is a personal trainer a fitness coach?

No. Though they are closely related, a fitness coach is a personal trainer who uses added techniques, skills, and tactics to bridge the gap between the “what” and “how” of an individual’s fitness program. Clients that work with a fitness coaches are not only more likely to adhere to their current fitness program, but will also experience better long-term results, opposed to personal trainers alone.

How do I start coaching with you?

First, apply. Then, if I think I can help you, we will schedule a free coaching session. At that session I will help you spot the current roadblocks with your fitness program and see what’s holding you back. Then, no matter where you are, I will tell you exactly what you will need to do start implementing positive changes right away. I will provide information about my program and how exactly I may be able to help you. If I can’t help you, I am happy to refer or direct you to the right professional or team who can.

Who are your coaching programs designed for?

Coaching with Katie sessions are best suited for females, ages ranging 25–60. Woman who are working high volume jobs, running a household while raising children or at a turning point in their lives (having a baby, empty nest, moving, changing careers, divorce etc.)

Can you provide me meal plans?

No. Only a licensed Registered Dietician can provide specific dietary advice. Instead, I provide general guidance and clarifying data about nutrients, and their purpose.

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Do you offer in person personal training, barre or dance sessions?

Yes, if you live in the Charlottesville, VA at my home studio.

Katie specializes in dance; do I have to be a good dancer?

No. I am very experienced at meeting clients at their level by building progressions and good technique over time.

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What kind of dances can you teach?

Ballet, jazz, hip hop, tap, musical theater, modern, cheer-dance, several varieties of ballroom, Latin, swing, line dance, basic tumbling and I am always up for learning more!

What if I don’t know what kind of dance I want added to my program, if any?

No worries. I will work with you to help you discover over time the type of style, music, or sound that attracts you the most. I will always follow your lead.

Do I need to be in shape to work out or dance with you?

Nope. I have worked with many ages, abilities, disabilities, and life stages over my 22 years teaching. My only prerequisite is that you have a good attitude and are willing to show up and do the work.

I have never done virtual training; does it really work as well as in person?

Absolutely! I can see and make corrections just as well as I can in person. In fact, I believe virtual coaching receive better results than in person because you are willing to show up and do the work.

What equipment do I need to take your barre and dance classes?

You will need several easy to find items. A yoga mat, Pilates (or playground) ball, three sets of hand weights (light, medium and heavy) a pair of gliding discs and a sturdy piece of furniture (ballet barre or weighted body bar.)

What is the inclement weather policy for LaBlast Line Dance?

A makeup class will be offered the next day at 1:00pm in the event of inclement weather. For example, if Saturday, April 23rd is rained out then a makeup class will automatically be scheduled for Sunday, April 24th at 1:00pm. 

What should I wear to the LaBlast Line Dance?

I suggest LaBlast Line Dance participants wear fitness or casual attire that they feel most comfortable moving in. Selecting well-fitting comfortable shoes is the most important detail. Line dance attire can range from jeans & boots to workout leggings and sneakers. Just keep in mind that I will have you moving the entire time!

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How do you deliver the program?

All coaching sessions and online classes take place virtually using a video application service (Zoom). The Graceful Athlete Coaching materials (homework, assessments, PDF documents, video instructions) are delivered and housed in a safe, yet easily accessible location. Program materials can be downloaded, saved, or printed using your personal computer or phone so you can refer to them at any time.

Will there be a recording?

Yes. All virtual coaching sessions (with your permission) and online classes are recorded and saved in a shared google drive folder.

Who can take your online barre and dance classes?

TGA Virtual Studio is designed for most ages and abilities, male, female or tweens and teens!

Can you provide dance choreography (wedding dances, group dance, special events)?

Yes. I have B.A. in Musical Theater (dance) and choreographed, led, and directed several productions over my career. I can offer this service on a case-by-case basis.

Do you work with children?

Yes. I have over 17 years of experience working with preschoolers up to high school ages and a B.A. in Childhood Education. I enjoy that we can make each other laugh and have fun. I feel that it is vital to promote early positive experiences in self-expression (dance) and fitness with our youth.

How do I coordinate an in person or virtual LaBlast Juniors program at my school of choice?

I prefer to be sponsored by the school’s PTO or PTA. This way a portion of the enrollment fee goes right back to the students in the form of a PTO fundraiser and I get the support I need to advertise the class and secure an outdoor classroom. I would need a minimum of five students to begin a class and request parent volunteers as needed to help me keep kids safe. If this is something you think could work, please supply me with the PTO President or Vice President’s email address and I will do the rest!

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