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What Members are saying

“TGA barre is the best! Katie incorporates traditional barre techniques, strength training, and cardio to create a dynamic class. I constantly feel challenged in body and spirit. After doing TGA barre, I feel strong, relaxed, and confident!”

Maria Niechwiadowicz

“Katie’s classes are dynamic, fun, and result oriented. Her positive energy ratdiates joy, whether it is a class of 1or a class of 30, newbies or veterans to fitness, Katie gives 100% of herself. Through her classes, each is becoming a graceful athlete.”

Carmen Li

“Katie’s classes are fun, challenging, and mindfully designed to maximize your workout. She incorporates her knowledge of fitness and dance and provides participants with plenty of modifications to tailor classes to everyone, from beginners to barre regulars. Katie is always upbeat and positive, and her encouraging personality shines through each class she teaches!”

Alissa Hansen

Katie jumping in air

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