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While the TGA Virtual Studio brings the fitness boutique into your home, there’s nothing quite like experiencing an in-person class with Katie.

The knowledge she brings and her passion for helping others will keep you entertained while feeling a sense of connection with yourself. Whether it is fitness or dance, her mission is to make movement fun, accessible, and meaningful to all.

Book Katie

Hire Katie to lead your favorite fitness class/dance instruction for a wedding, party, corporate event, after school enrichment, or existing employee wellness program.

See below for a complete list 

Live outside of Charlottesville, VA? Virtual class options are available.

Fitness Class Formats

LaBlast Fitness
LaBlast Fitness Juniors (ages 5 and up)
LaBlast Splash
LaBlast Line Dance

The Graceful Athlete Signature Formats:
Dancelete (cheer dance + athletic conditioning)
Barrelete (cardio + barre + athletic conditioning)
TGA Barre (traditional barre + Pilates)
TGA Floor Barre (mat only)

Dance Styles

Cheer Dance and Kickline
Hip Hop
Musical Theater

Katie jumping in air

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